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The Wonders Of Deer Velvet

Deer velvet has represented a vital role in traditional Oriental and Chinese medicine. Oriental traditional medication, in stark contrast to Western practice, is supported on the philosophy of wellness or prevention instead of healing illness. Deer velvet is exceedingly applied in Eastern medication for its health giving properties, just like healing and restorative tonic.

Western medical scholars confirm it health values such as renewing the immune system, raising growth and bettering blood pressure. This natural health supplement is commended for keeping up natural balance, establishing athletic performance and furthering sexual vigor and aiding recovery from injury. Another health advantages are talked over in details below:

 Anti-aging Agent

Deer velvet antler has been in practice in Russia for a lot of years as a renewing for the elderly. A study in Russia confirmed that deer velvet extracts can improve temper and drive, ease headaches, and improve sleep and memory. This study included elderly patients with some level of atherosclerosis or the hardening of the arteries.

Another scientific research is made in China using mice. The research expressed that treatment with velvet extract of mice hindered the MAO enzyme function. MAO or monoamine oxidase is a sort of enzyme that parts down several neurotransmitters present in the brain, just like norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin. As people get older, MAO action increases, thus producing it faster for the neurotransmitter to be broken down. On that notice, the energy and mood boosting effects of deer velvet antler on the aging person may be due to its MAO-hindering force.

Other notable outcome of the research is its ability to slow down the signs of senility in mice. Likewise, there was a substantial growth in plasma testosterone concentrations evident in the treated mice. In addition, less oxidation by-product in brains and liver and greater free radical cleaning action were observed in the treated mice.

Deer velvet has long been utilized in handling body problems that are characterized by growth hormone inadequacy. As abundant in IGF-1 and growth hormone precursors, deer velvet antler may raise development of growth hormone in the pituitary gland. Thus, signs of aging such as wrinkles, decreased stamina and energy, sexual dysfunction and grey hair are diminished.

Athletic Performance, Strength and Retrieval Agent

A clinical study taken in New Zealand reasserted that deer velvet can enhance muscle durability and endurance. Male People who took deer velvet were proven to be stronger, have developed muscular strength and endurance.

Some Other similar research was done and discovered that deer velvet can help in speedier retrieval from muscle trauma. Thus, this is advantageous for athletes who are prone to having muscle-related injury.

Sex Raising Factor for Male and Females

Deer velvet is too been found as having the power to balance and strengthen hormonal systems of both women and men. A study held in Russia confirms the presence of androgenic and gonadotrophic ingredients in deer antlers. So, it can aid in regulating the activity of the sex organs.

In China, females are using velvet antler to deal with infertility troubles. Chinese women consume deer velvet during pregnancy to enhance the health of both the baby and the mother.
By: Leanne H. James

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